Friday, November 11, 2005

Eyes Remain Open: A photoblog

This blog takes its name from my favorite Finnish proverb:
Rakkaus on ankara ja lempi kova,
siihen juolee seisaalleen ja silmät jää auki.

(Love is severe & devotion tough,
it kills you on your feet & your eyes remain open.)
In this context, that's not a comment on how hard taking good pics can be sometimes (though it can be, especially when it's freezing-ass cold outside as it's been here lately); but on the how the simple framing & recording of an image in a camera, & the sharing of that image with others, helps me to combat my despair & keep my love for the world alive, & keep me devoted to living & working for life in the face of great odds.

Something like that.

Let the pics I take, & the pics I share here, always reflect that love & devotion, as I strive to keep my eyes open, however painful that may be.

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