Friday, April 28, 2006

Raven in flight

A lucky shot: I have historically had one heckuva hard time getting good photos of ravens in flight.

I've noticed that the ravens don't seem to be leaving town very quickly this year, in fact for the last couple or so years. It used to be that when the seagulls started flying in, the ravens would go; & any ravens that stuck around were likely to undergo major seagull harassment. But down in Homer I've noticed that the ravens, crows, & gulls all seem to coexist fairly peaceably, if not quite as friends. Maybe the ravens up here are fed up with gull attitudes, & have decided to be stubborn? I just know it's nice to have them around. I've got more affection for them, than for gulls.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Sphagnum moss & sundew plants

Ft. Richardson Military Reservation, Anchorage, Alaska. 5 Jul 2003.

This is one of my favorite "early" digitial photos, when I was first really getting a grasp on the power of the macro functions of my camera. I started taking a lot of ground shots: not necessarily focusing on individual plants, but upon the micro-community of several plants that grew wherever it was they were. This one has sundew, sphagnum moss, horsetail, just to name three... it's just so complex & rich. Like life.